Britannia NutriChoice NutriDabba 1: Tomato Quinoa, Mooli Raita, Kabuli Chana Salad And Oat Almond Truffles

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Amidst all the hustle bustle in office, one like to catch a breath during the break time and looks forward to a nutritious yet yummilicious meal. Here is one such office lunch box of tomato quinoa, mooli raita, chatpata chana salad and oat almond truffles. 

Planning healthy meals to be eaten not just at home, but the snack and meal you carry to work is equally important.  Planning is the key. Here one is looking for a healthy and nutritious meal which is tasty as well. 

The snacks we munch at work, can be decided before hand, to avoid nibbling on unhealthy mixtures, pakoras and samosas. Instead the mid morning snack at work could be these healthy oat almond truffles that can be made before hand and kept. 

Morning Snack: Nutty Oats Almond Truffles

They include an array of ingredients like dates, almonds, and nutri choice cookies that are brought together with added notes of chocolate, that make it a super snack that absolutely delicious.  

Lunch Box: Tomato Quinoa, Mooli Raita

Keep your lunch simple and clean that is healthy and can be whipped up in a jiffy.

Similar to the the tomato bhath, this one uses quinoa instead of rice, giving the quinoa a South Indian twist.  Pair the tomato quinoa along with a refreshing raita made with mooli. A meal that will leave you absolutely satisfied. 

Evening Snack: Kabuli Chana Salad

Finally before you head home, the evening snack can be this protein packed kabuli chana salad that is made chatpata with the addition of some lemon juice. It will keep you going until dinner, as it is substantial in portion and the protein and carbs are the major nutrients there. 

So get ahead and add these elements to your lunch box.