Continental Dinner To You Love - Creamy Polenta, Spinach Stir Fry & Vegetables In Pepper Sauce

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Bored of the same old Indian Meals over the weekend? Here is a delicious healthy and easy to make Continental dinner idea which has Creamy Polenta Served with Garlic and Spinach stir fry and Vegetables In Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce.

Enjoy this healthy vegetarian Continental dinner meal which you can have on a cold night to warm you up. Polenta is made up of corn meal and is quite popular dish in Northern Italy. It can be served as a porridge or cooked thick and made into fires or even into breads. Here we have made it into a creamy thick porridge which can be eaten on its own or with a nice creamy sauce.

We have made a delicious sauce with roasted bell peppers with herbed vegetables in it. It goes great with the creamy polenta. The roasted bell pepper sauce can be poured over any vegetable or meat as it is quite versatile. 

To add more nutrition to the meal we also have a great spinach stir fry with garlic in it. Garlic adds a great flavour to spinach and added seasoning of pepper and salt makes this spinach stir fry mouth watering. 

Try this meal to break your monotonous meals  and let us know how you like it.