Enjoy Your Weekend Lunch With This Sindhi Meal Of Chicken Curry, Koki And Afghani Dough

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Are you in dilemma about what to make during your Weekday Lunch that is delicious and easy at the same time, then we have the perfect meal for you which has delicious Sindhi Style Chicken Curry which is served along with Sindhi Koki, Afghani Dough and Salad. Try this meal and we assure you that everyone in your family will love this simple and delicious Sindhi meal.

Sindhi Style Chicken Curry, a very simple Chicken curry where Chicken is cooked along with tomatoes, onions and everyday spices. It is an one pot dish that gets ready in very less time, making it perfect for those lazy weekends. Along with it, we have served a Sindhi Koki, which is flaky Indian flatbread with onions. It goes really well with the Chicken Curry. You can also serve Phulka or Steamed Rice with this Curry.

To end the meal, we have Afghani Dough which is a twist to our Indian Chaas and has cucumber in it. Very refreshing and tasty, this is a perfect drink to serve along with this meal and we have also served an Indian sliced salad, that is a regular in Indian households.

So next time you are confused on what to make for your weekend lunch, give this Sindhi Meal a try!