Lunch Box Recipes: Lemongrass Pesto Pasta & Beetroot Salad

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Packing pasta for your kids is the best lunch that they can look forward for. Pasta is one of the favourite dish that the kids would love to much on. This way you can add vegetables that are essential for the kids into your pasta dish that can help them gain nutrition necessary for their body.

It will not only benefit for the Kids but this Lunch box can also be packed for adults as well. In this pasta dish that we have added , we have kept simple by adding thai green curry paste which gives it an oriental touch.

You can even try out various sauces that are healthy like roasted red bell pepper sauce, spinach and basil sauce, roasted creamy carrot sauce, roasted pumpkin sauce. Various pasta dish that you can try out for your  lunch box are Penne Pasta Recipe in Spinach Basil Pesto Sauce and Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce Recipe

We have added freshly tossed root vegetable salad by the side to keep it fresh and light. You are free to add other side dishes that will excite them like Mustard Mayo Baby Potato Salad Recipe or Roasted Vegetables With Tahini Sauce Recipe