Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan- High Protein Soya Idli, Sweet Corn Methi & Tomato Rice & More

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Feeding healthy, nutritious and wholesome meals is on the mind of every parent and the question that a parent always thinks about everyday is what to pack for school. Planning kids lunch boxes can be daunting and to help you make wholesome healthy breakfast we have planned a whole weeks menu plan. Some of the recipes included are High Protein Soya Idli Recipe, Sweet Corn, Methi & Tomato Rice Recipe, Penne Pasta Recipe In Spinach Pesto Sauce, Khara Bhath Recipe and Chole Pindi Recipe. We have packed wholesome Zucchini Paratha Recipe which helps to feed zucchini to your kids.

These recipes are healthy and cover food groups like green leafy vegetables, mixed vegetables, proteins and carbs. Giving your kids a healthy snack and a complete meal gives them the right energy to do their tasks at school. It also helps them concentrate better at their school work and perform better at sports. The most important thing is that they built a stronger immunity and fall sick less often. 

There are prep tips under each kids lunch box menu plan to make things easier in the kitchen in the mornings. Shop for the groceries over the weekend as this will help you keep all the things handy. This way you are in track to make the wholesome meals. 

Include fresh seasonal fruits in your kids snack boxes or to complement a continental meal. Changing the cuisine and adding more variety of dishes also keep the kids more interested in eating their lunch boxes. Do not give up on cooking healthy food if your child is a picky eater. Keep trying and sooner or later the kids eating habit changes. Cut back on junk even after school. This way your kid will end up eating fruits and vegetables and dairy products more often. Have balanced meals for family lunch and dinner to inculcate good food habits in your kids.

Here are some healthy Kids Snack Ideas as well that you can use to either pack snack for kids for school or serve to your kids as an after school snack.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days

Here Are List Lunch Dabba You Can Buy For Packing Kids School Lunch Box


High Protein Soya Idli & Tomato Onion Chutney

High Protein Soya Idli Recipe are soft and delicious idlis. Making idlis is super simple if you have the batter ready. These idlis can be served with any chutney, sambar or podi. Pack it with tomato onion chutney in your kids lunch boxes. 


Sweet Corn, Methi & Tomato Rice & Homemade Yogurt

A delicious mixed rice that is tossed with fresh methi leaves, tomatoes, sweet corn and flavoured with Indian Masala is a sure hit with kids. You can use left over rice to make this tasty rice dish. Pick and keep the methi leaves over the weekend and keep it in an airtight container. Pack Sweet Corn, Methi & Tomato Rice with homemade curd or any raita of your choice.


Penne Pasta Recipe In Spinach Pesto Sauce & Fresh Fruit Bowl

The Penne Pasta Recipe in Spinach Pesto is a healthy and creamy pasta recipe made from spinach and basil and tossed in a durum wheat penne pasta. You can boil the pasta the night before and keep it refrigerated in an airtight container. Pick and keep the spinach leaves the previous night and keep them refrigerated in an airtight container. Pack along with seasonal fresh fruits to add more nutrition in your kids diet.


Khara Bhath Recipe & Coconut Chutney

Khara Bhath Recipe or Rava Bhath is a South Indian specialty that is quick to prepare. Some prep work that you can do is chop and keep the vegetables refrigerated in an airtight container the previous night. Grate the coconut for the chutney the previous night as well and keep it refrigerated. 


Chole Pindi & Zucchini Paratha

Chole Pindi  is a spicy tangy curry that can be packed along with any Indian bread or rice. You can pressure and keep the black chole the previous night itself. Make the dough for the Zucchini pratha the night before as well to help make cooking easier and less time consuming in the mornings.