Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Ragi Rava Idli,Aloo Capsicum Sabzi, Veg Pulao & More

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Packing healthy Kids Lunch boxes requires a little bit of planning and some prep work the previous night to ensure your kid gets the required nutrition for their growth .This Weeks Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan includes Ragi Rava Idli ,Aloo Capsicum Sabzi, Spicy Vegetable Pulao, Conchiglie Pasta, Cheesy Garlic Spinach Corn Paneer Sandwich and more. 

Its a task for most mothers to get their child to eat healthy food and finish their meal. Healthy and vegetarian recipes can be easy to make and keep your kids happy as well. Sending a nutritious lunch box from the beginning of your kids schooling helps built the kids attitude to eat and try healthy food. Most kids finish off their lunch boxes in school and maintaining a healthy standard helps their immunity grow. 

Kids like pasta and sandwiches, most vegetables like corn, spinach, broccoli, capsicum, carrots,Zucchini etc go well in a continental dish and adding more vegetables either cut into small chunks or hidden in the form of puree ensures your child gets their daily nutrient requirement. We have included a Conchiglie Pasta With Broccoli and Date And Nut Energy Bites and Cheesy Garlic Spinach Corn Paneer Sandwich which your kid will relish. 

Also check out some school snack box Recipes and some after school snack ideas to ensure that your kid continues to eat healthy throughout the day.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Ragi Rava Idli and Tomato Chutney

Ragi Rava Idili are delicious and healthy recipe which you can pack for your kids lunch box. You can store grated coconut for the chutney in the freezer. When grinding frozen coconut make sure you use warm water to help the coconut blend properly. 


Aloo Simla Mirch Sabzi With Phulka

Aloo Capsicum Sabzi Recipe is a simple sabzi to make and is a delicious vegetable that is cooked along with the basic ingredients that will be available in your pantry any time. You can boil the potatoes and make the phulka dough and keep them in airtight containers the previous night. This will save you time in the mornings. 


Spicy Vegetable Pulao with Raita

One Pot Spicy vegetable Pulao Recipe is simple and delicious which your kids will love. Reduce the spice level according to your kids taste buds. You can add any vegetables that are available in your pantry and make this Pulao healthy and nourishing. 


Conchiglie Pasta With Broccoli and Nut Energy Bites

Conchiglie Pasta is a kids favorite pasta and requires minimal preparation. Some prep that you can do the previous night is boil the paste and keep in airtight container in the fridge. You can also separate the florets of the broccoli and keep them in airtight container as well. 


Spinach Paneer Sandwich with Fresh Fruits

Cheesy Garlic Spinach Corn Paneer Sandwich is packed full of nutrition and is super delicious. Pack it along with a bowl of fruits to make the lunch meal refreshing for the kids.