Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Mushroom Chole, Matar Poha, Soya Spinach & More

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This weeks Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan has a Mushroom Chole, Matar Poha, Soya Spinach, Flax Seed ladoo, Energy Bar & Indian Style Pasta. You will also find tips for planning and prepping so packing lunch boxes in the morning becomes a breeze.

Lunch box planning is very crucial and can make our mornings stress free. It's important to ensure that we take the effort to bring in the nutrition into the kids lunch boxes - as these are the precious years when children develop good muscle mass and also a habit for healthy eating which they will take with them when they become independent adults. 

As always, try to avoid processed food in a snack or a lunch box - it can be a treat for one off days and definitely not on a regular basis. Apart from packing lunch boxes, below is a snack box plan for all those kids who have school only for half a day.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Matar Poha Recipe & Bowl of Fruits

Kids love food that is simple and on a monday, when we have something simple to put together it's totally handy for mothers. Matar Poha is super simple to make and can be made in the morning without any prep and packed into a kids lunch box. Pack the poha along with a bowl of fruits or along with a flaxseed ladoo to give that instant boost of energy.


Spinach Mushroom Chickpea Curry Recipe & Puri

The Mushroom chickpea curry goes very well into a lunch box along with Puri. Keep the chola cooked the previous evening and saute it with all the masala the next day to make the mushroom and spinach curry. Make the puri dough the previous evening and making puri's in the morning becomes a breeze. You can also pack some dahi into the kids lunch box for a wholesome lunch. Ensure you pack the lunch in small portions, so the kids will find it easy to finish the lunch.


Soya Methi Palak Ki Sabzi & Phulka

This Soya Methi and Palak sabzi is packed with protein and makes a good lunch box. It's super easy to put together and needs no prep work. Make the dough for the phulka the previous evening and pack this healthy lunch box for the kids with a bowl of yogurt. 


Indian Style Masala Macaroni Recipe & Date Brownie Bar

Kids love pasta and when it gets packed into a lunch box, they love it more. Here is an Indian style pasta, which is packed with flavour and taste and the kids will finish it in a jiffy. Pack the pasta along with the date brownie bar to give the kids a quick energy boost.


Spinach & Corn Quesadilla Recipe

Quesadillas are a kids best friend. It's got cheese and this quesadilla is packed with nutrition from Spinach and corn, making it wholesome and yet delicious. Simply pack these quesadillas into the kids lunch box along with flax seed ladoo.