Make This Thai Dinner For A Weekend - Chicken Massaman Curry, Tofu Peanut Stir Fry & Much More

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If you are craving something delicious with notes of spicy, sweet, salty, tangy, crunchy and wholesome for your next weekend meal then you must try this wonderful Thai Meal plate which consists of Chicken Massaman Curry, ,Tofu Peanut Stir Fry, Jasmine Rice & Cucumber Salad.

This Thai Meal Plate is healthy combination of protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients. It carefully balanced to bring out all the different flavors and texture of each individual dish.

Massaman curry is a unique type of curry among the various Thai curries because it is more like an Indian curry using mainly dried spices for seasoning. Chicken is the most popular meat in this curry.This curry is considered to be rather mild as the heat of the chilies are mellowed with the addition of the dried spices, coconut milk, potatoes and peanuts. This goes well with Jasmine Rice.

Tofu Peanut Stir fry is a delicious side made with pan fried tofu. Tofu is made crunchy on the outside and is soft on the inside. It is mixed in a sweet and tangy peanut butter sauce and addition of mushrooms and bok choy makes it a healthy side. We have also included a simple tossed cucumber salad which can be made in a jiffy and it brings great freshness to this meal plate.

Try this Dinner plate on your weekends when your craving something tasty.