Make Your Weekend Better With This Meal Of Chickpea Stew, Broken Wheat and Greek Style Beans

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A super healthy yet finger licking good meal is this Continental Meal, which as some inviting recipes such as Chickpea Pumpkin Stew which is made with a combination of Pumpkin and Chickpeas cooked with everyday spices and this Stew is served with Broken Wheat and a side of a crunchy Greek Style Green Beans Stir Fry. Sounds delicious right?

Serving a pre plated meal to your family over the weekends, is something your family will sincerely appreciate. A balanced meal, consisting of all the required nutrients, elements of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

Here, the broken wheat is the element of carbohydrates, while the stew is packed with flavours, textures and various nutrients as it is packed with carrots, pumpkin and chickpeas. The combination of veggies, lentils and pulses in the stew can be altered to suit your taste and preferences. 

Non vegetarians can add chicken if they like with a combination of lentils. Adding colour and crunch to this meal is Stir Fry Green Beans, that is inspired by the Greek cuisine. You can add more veggies, to the stir fry making it a lot more healthier and colourful, pleasing to the eyes. 

So wait no more, and whip up this meal for your family.