Britannia Nutrichoice Nutri Dabba 6: Broccoli Sweet Potato Sabzi, Roti, Salad, Digestive Biscuits

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A well balanced, nourishing meals is what each of us would like on any regular day at work. One such, is this office lunch box that has a mid morning snack, a lunch meal and an evening snack. 

Morning Snack: Apple Cucumber Salad

A refreshing, healthy and crunchy salad of fresh cucumbers combined with apples with a tangy dressing topped with mint leaves is a great mid day snack to keep you going until lunch.

Lunch Box: Broccoli Sweet Potato Sabzi, Phulka

A whole some sabzi of broccoli combined with sweet potatoes stir fried with simple masalas, served with phulkas will keep you satiated without making you feel drowsy. This makes a wholesome and perfect lunch meal. 

Evening Snack: NutriChoice Digestive (Hi Fibre) Biscuits

Whats an evening snack without some NutriChoice Digestive Hi Fibre biscuits that are made using whole wheat flour and no added sugar. Pair it with some tea or coffee to make your evening snack complete. These biscuits are packed with the goodness of whole wheat and fibre, adding to the health and perfect as an afternoon snack with some honey lemon tea.