Britannia Nutrichoice Nutri Dabba 9: Peanut Salad, Ragi Rava Idli-Chutney & NutriChoice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits

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A power packed lunch box, with various elements for you mid day snack, lunch and an evening snack. To eat healthy through the day aat work is also important, these pre planned meals help you eat nutritious food without munching on unhealthy bites. 

Morning Snack: Peanut Cucumber Salad

A crunchy salad for your morning snack, that will keep you going until lunch time. A refreshing salad of peanuts combined with some veggies is simple to make and bite into at your desk at work. Peanuts are rich in proteins and will keep you feeling full for a long time. With some planning and minimal preparation, your healthy salad is ready. 

Lunch Box: Instant Ragi Rava Vegetable Idli, Chutney

Keeping lunch rather light yet nutritious, is this instant idli that can be made in a jiffy in the mornings, when the batter is kept ready. Ragi rava idli is wholesome and keeps you satiated for a long period of time. Served best with a chutney of your choice. 

Evening Snack: NutriChoice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits

An evening snack with your cuppa coffee or tea wouldn't hurt. A NutriChoice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits are packed with the goodness of wheat, corn, rice, oats, ragi and honey and provide you with calcium, fibre and provide a much needed dose of energy for the afternoon. You can have them plain or along with a cup of honey lemon tea.