Oreo Milkshake Recipe

Oreo milkshake is an easy and simple recipe to chill on a hot sunny day or to make a great tea party.

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Oreo Milkshake Recipe
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Oreo milkshake is an easy and simple recipe to chill on a hot sunny day or to make a great tea party. There are so many beverages, milkshakes to cool down the summer heat; but this milkshake is placed on top of my wish list since it is chocolate; I mean very chocolaty. The dark chocolate colour makes it all the more inviting, and delicious chocolate syrup makes this Oreo milkshake heaven. So, enjoy this super delicious Oreo milkshake with Ice cream and give yourself a break from the blazing sun!

Serve Oreo Milkshake along With Grilled Mushroom Sandwich to kids for their after school snacks.

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Cuisine: Continental
Course: Snack
Diet: Vegetarian
Prep in

10 M

Cooks in

15 M

Total in

25 M


2 Servings


  • 8 Oreo biscuits , broken into pieces
  • 1/2 cup Vanilla Ice cream , 2 scoops
  • 1/4 cup Milk
  • 1 tablespoon Chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate sauce , as required for garnishing
  • Heavy whipping cream , as required for garnishing

How to make Oreo Milkshake Recipe

  1. Prep up to make Oreo milkshake with all the ingredients mentioned. Take a powerful hand blender to blend everything.

  2. Blend Oreo biscuits, milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup until everything very well combined and smooth textured.

  3. Pour into glasses, top it up with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup for garnishing and serve immediately for a yummy teatime with a peanut butter banana sandwich to go with it. 

  4. Serve Oreo Milkshake along With Grilled Mushroom Sandwich to kids for their after school snacks.

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