Portion Control Meal Plate: Gawar Phali Methi Sabzi, Dal, Carrot Thepla, Guava Raita Salad

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A meal so full of nutrients, this portion control meal has all that you would like to feed your family. This healthy meal, that tastes great, is a great way to include all those vegetables that can be camouflages  and served to your kids as well.  A lovely gawar phali and methi sabzi, served along with a comforting dal tadka, some millets in the form of carrot methi jowar thepla, a fruit raita - amrood raita and some salad by the side.

A perfect meal that can be served to Indian diabetics as well. 

Eating the right food groups, covering the required nutrition required by the body is something each of us should closely pay attention to. Above all eating the right quantities/ portion is of utmost importance. 

Did you know: 

Split yellow moong dal is also very light to digest and easy on the system. Unlike other dals and pulses, moong dal has a low carb count. Most other dals, while high in protein come with high carbs which are reduced in moong dal.

Fenugreek are known to have a storehouse of minerals and are also known to be a rich source of vitamin C and K as well. A certain study suggest that fenugreek seeds may be helpful to people with diabetes because they contain fiber and other chemicals that are thought to slow digestion and the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. Fenugreek is said to be an effective heartburn or acid reflux remedy because the mucilage in fenugreek seeds assists in soothing gastrointestinal inflammation, and coating the stomach and intestinal lining.

Jowar a complex carbohydrate, is digested slowly, prompting a more gradual rise in blood sugar. That’s why it’s a great diet choice for diabetics and people who want to lose weight. Jowar, a gluten-free whole grain, is considered an excellent alternative for people who suffer from ‘gluten intolerance‘ and it is rich in nutrients as well.

Below are the quantities we have used for a complete portion control meal. You can use these suggestions based on your dietary requirements. 

Total Calories: 350 calories

  • Gawar Phali Sabzi - 1/2 Katori
  • Dal Tadka - 1/2 Katori
  • Thepla - 1 piece
  • Guava Raita - 1 Katori
  • Salad - 1/2 katori

Read the Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control to incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday lifestyle. 

So here's a delicious Portion Control Meal Plate that you must try!