Portion Control Meal Plate: Maakhmi Dal, Til Wale Aloo, Bhuga Chawal & Salad

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In this edition of Portion Control Meal Plate, we bring to you a wholesome Sindhi Style meal plate which includes Maakhmi Dal, Masaledar Moongphali Til Wale Aloo, Bhuga Chawal, Curd and Carrot Peanut Salad.

Maakhmi Dal is a yellow moong dal which is tempered with a tadka of ghee and whole spices. This is a highly nutritious dal, as the yellow moong dal used to make this recipe is high in proteins.

This Dal is served with Masaledaar Moongphali Til Wale Aloo which is a delicious combination of Potato, Peanuts and Sesame Seeds, where Peanuts are also high in proteins. Along with these two dishes, we have Bhuga Chawal, Salad and Curd

While the Carrot Peanut Salad helps you to fill the nutrition intake for the day, Curd provides you Calcium and protein and helps you in the digestion.

Tips For Portion Control: You can reduce the size of Bhuga Chawal and increase the portion of dal. Also, you can make a Palak Raita or Lauki Raita instead of curd for that extra nutrition. Eat slowly and mindfully.

Read the Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control to incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday lifestyle. 

So here's a delicious Sindhi Style Portion Control Meal Plate that you must try!