Portion Control Meal Plate- Methi Kadhi, Hariyali Gobi, Rajma Salad, Millet Phulka & Aamras

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A portion control meal plate is a super healthy meal that would be helpful to create a healthy diet for you on a daily basis. The plate that we have created for you this time has an equal balance of vegetables, lentils, Rice and Fruits. The dishes that we have added is nothing exotic but kept simple and can be prepared easily at our households.

As you see the picture of our meal plate, we have added a Mixed Millet phulka that is a smart way to incorporate all the millet flour to create a fluffy Indian Bread. We have always tried making a Phulka using a wheat flour but this time try out the mixed millet which you will fall in love with rustic texture. The millet flour is also a good source of Vitamins, Proteins and Dietary fiber. We have added one phulka for the meal plate, depending on your requirement you can increase it to two. 

The Methi kadhi is a creamy yogurt curry that is mixed along with fresh methi leaves. Methi leaves are great to control bowel problems and cholesterol. They also contain anti-diabetic elements that helps in preventing and controlling Type 2 Diabetics. 

We have also added a healthy Spinach gravy that has sauteed cauliflower in it. It is a great way to add spinach leaves into your everyday diet. Palak is a local leafy vegetable that is often used in most of the Indian dishes. It is rich in Iron and Boosts Immunity.

Rajma salad helps you give enough protein content for the day. Cooked rajma is tossed with some freshly cut vegetables. 

Tips For Portion Control: You can remove the pulao and add an extra Phulka or increase the portion of the Salad. If you still find the need to eat more than what you have served on your plate. Lastly, Eat slowly and mindfully.

Read the Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control to incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday lifestyle.