Portion Control Meal Plate: Sai Bhaji, Lauki Raita, Koki Roti & Bhuga Chawal

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In this edition of Portion Control Meal Plate, we bring to you a Sindhi Style lunch menu idea consisting of a Sai Bhaji, Lauki Raita, Koki Roti and Bhuga Chawal. 

Sai Bhaji is a high protein dal that is prepared with multiple dals, greens like palak, dill leaves, methi leaves and loaded with seasonal vegetables like carrots, beans, brinjal, bottle gourd, onions and tomatoes. This served along with a healthy portion of delicious Sindhi Bhuga Chawal along with Lauki Raita makes for a satisfying combination. It makes  great diabetic friendly dish as well.

To prepare a healthy indian lunch or dinner, the key is preparation. Green Leafy Vegetables are essential ingredients that need to be incorporated into everyone's diet to achieving a healthy eating lifestyle. Greens take a long time to prep, so make sure to have your greens, cut and cleaned in advance so that you are motivated to prepare this high protein meal for you and your family. 

A portion size is the amount of food that your body needs during a meal or a snack. So ensure you follow Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control to incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday lifestyle. 

So here's a delicious Sindhi Style Portion Control Meal Plate that you must try!