Portion Control Plate: Sarson Chole Gajar Simla Mirch Raita Paratha

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A delicious portion control meal plate of various flavours, yet made wholesome, this plate is both colourful and nutritious. A tawa paratha served with sarson chole, carrot & capsicum, boondi raita for a complete meal.

The tawa paratha is the element of carbohydrates in the meal, while the raita is the bit of protein and calcium from the dahi which is it's main ingredient. The carrot & capsicum sabzi, add fiber and vitamins and minerals to our diet.

The sarson chole on the other hand adds a lot of nutrients from green leafy vegetables present in the sabzi. The chole in the sarson adds up to its nutrient value and to it's lovely texture.

Over all a great meal to be served in portions. For a healthy lifestyle one needs to have the right diet with its appropriate portions required by the body, a combination of a good body work out and adequate sleep, without missing out on having a positive outlook to life.

Each of these contribute to the overall wellbeing of the person .

Below are the portion sizes:

Tawa Paratha: 1 paratha

Sarson Chole: 1 katori

Carrot & Capsicum Sabzi: 1 Katori

Boondi Raita: 1/2 Katori