Significance of Diwali Cleaning & Tips For a Sparkling Kitchen

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Diwali is a big festival of India, also known a the Festival Of Lights and is widely celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated due to the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after completing his 14 years of exile in the forest after getting victory over the evil. It is the most eagerly waited festival of the year, as the members of the family and friends celebrate it together. The process of cleaning the home on the Diwali is an age old tradition which has been passed on from generations. 

With the monsoons tapering away, and the winters crawling in, Diwali becomes an important home cleaning time. Everyhome, begins by getting rid a few of the old things and begin a deep cleaning at home. Diwali becomes a good excuse to clean collected moisture and moss accumulated over the monsoons. It helps aerate the home and bring in the life and freshness to make a clean start for the festival and the approaching winters.

In addition to the monsoon cleaning, it is a common belief that Goddess Lakshmi, will grace the clean and well decorated home during this festive period. Lakshmi Puja is also done on Diwali to bring in wealth and happiness. The day after Diwali also marks the beginning of the New year and the New Financial Year according to the Hindu calendar, hence the welcoming the day with a clean home.

In addition to welcoming Lakshmi, Diwali is the time when we you have friends and family visiting home. Welcoming them into a clean home for the Lakshmi Puja or simply for a Diwali party brings in the festive cheer and spirits.

As Diwali is just around the corner, we are sure many of you have already started the process of cleaning. Therefore, we have lined up some easy tips which will help you clean your kitchen this Diwali. 

1. Cleaning the Stove & Chimney

 stove cleaning

We usually drop things on our stove, while cooking the food items. A stove is that appliance which bears the most burnt stains during the festivities because the food is cooked for hours on it and therefore the dirt accumulates on it. The other appliance which has most of the dirt is chimney, as it takes in the smoke, dirt which happens in the kitchen while cooking. You can clean them using washing detergent, water & vinegar or lemon.

2. Cleaning the Refrigerator

fridge cleaning

It is very necessary to clean the refrigerator during the festival, as it requires a lot of space to store sweets and snacks which we create during festival. Also organising your refrigerator helps to find things easier. You can check it here- How to Clean Your Refrigerator.

3. Cleaning the Kitchen Top

top cleaning

While cooking, we end up dropping oil, food items on the platform which makes it all greasy and dirty. Cleaning it, is also an important part of the kitchen cleaning. Wash the platform using the detergent and you are good to go.

4. Cleaning the Sink

sink cleaning

Wash your sink with soap, as it becomes greasy with the washing of utensils. The scratches from the faucets can be removed using olive oil or baby oil.

5. Cleaning & Organising the Cabinets

cabinet arranging

With the daily use of food ingredients, we usually end up keeping the food boxes in different places. Most of the times we also forget buying the food items because we think they are somewhere lying in your kitchen cabinet. Arranging the cabinet really helps you finding the right ingredient and makes your life easier. 

6. Microwave Cleaning

microwave cleaning

It is not possible to clean your microwave on a daily basis. We usually clean it once a week and that is enough. To clean the microwave, you can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the inner side of the microwave. Remove it the next day and clean it with a kitchen towel.

7. Clean the Kitchen floor

floor cleaning

This is one thing which we do daily at our home. Once you finish cleaning the above, the last step is to clean the kitchen floor, in every nook and corner using broom and then a wet mob.

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