Weeknight Dinners : Make Your Weeknight Dinners With Veg Mughlai Paratha, Methi Masoor Dal and More

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Are you looking for Indian Dinner Recipes that is nutritious, wholesome and requires only a little bit of planning? You are at the right place! We at Archana's Kitchen want to make it easy for you and do all the thinking and planning - You only have to execute it, and have a wonderful South Indian or North Indian dinner on your dining table. The ingredients that are needed to prepare these Indian dinners can be found in all Indian Kitchens there by coming under budget and we have consciously paired these Dinner Recipes together so that the dinner that you serve yourself or your family members are wholesome and nutritious. 

This week we have paired a whole host of North Indian and South Indian Recipes just for you. From North Indian dinner ideas, we have Veg Mughlai Paratha, Methi Masoor Dal, Corn and Rajma Salad, Sticky Jasmine Rice & many more.

You can make these dinners just for two or for even your entire family - Our goal is to make planning for Weeknight dinners easy for you to plan and execute. These Indian Dinner Recipes are perfect to even plan for a dinner party on a short notice. Not only are these recipe combinations perfect for your dinner but with a little planning you can make more a little more and pack it up for your next day's lunch. 

There are a few tips that will help you plan all you meals better if you plan you Dinner Menu well. 

  1. Dry Subzis can be used to make rolls with your leftover roti or paratha for your next day's lunch.
  2. If you are making any sort of dals especially Kabuli chana, Kala chana, always do soak them in water overnight.
  3. If you are planning to have sprouts for dinner, make sure you start with the sprouting process the previous day.
  4. Stock up on groceries to ease out the weeknights and spice up daily life with lot more time to spend time with your family
  5. We have also included an additional plan for your weekend too!

Take a look and make your meal plan accordingly for a sumptuous, wholesome, healthy and delicious dinner. 


Methi Masoor Dal, Raw Banana Sabzi & Phulka

Tips for preparation : Make sure to have the methi leaves cleaned and ready for the dal. Raw Banana has to be chopped just before cooking since it browns up when its cut. Don't forget to oil your hands before chopping raw bananas


Tofu Green Pulao, Rajma and Corn Salad & Papad Raita

Tips for preparation : Make sure to soak the rajma beans the night before for the salad.


Ambur Star Chicken BIryani, Snake gourd Salan & Tadka Raita

Tips for preparation : Keep all the vegetables prepped for the biryani, salan and riata ready so that it gets easier.


Aloo Matar Curry, Pudina Paratha & Carrot Salad

Tips for preparation : Make sure to prep all the vegetables for the salad and curry. You can prepare the paratha dough the previous day. Paratha dough usually last for 2-3 days in an air tight container in the fridge.


Veg Mughlai paratha, Lehsuni Pudina Chutney & Curd

Tips for preparation : You can prepare the stuffing for the mughlai paratha and the dough for the paratha a day earlier.


Tofu Curry with Roasted Eggplant, Thai Jasmine Sticky Rice, Mixed Vegetable Dry Manchurian & Basil Tea

Tips for preparation : Make sure to stock up all Indo Chinese ingredients. All the vegetables for the recipes can be prepped and kept ready the previous night or morning.


Palak Mushroom Gravy, Phulka & Beetroot Salad

Tips for preparation : The salad can be prepared and kept earlier, the dough for the phulka can be prepared a day earlier. Phulka dough will stay good in the fridge for a good 2 days.