12 Red Sauce Pasta Recipes To Make A Delicious Italian Dinner

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Who loves Pasta? Well, I guess the answer would be everyone! Our modern day comfort food - not only does it taste brilliant but also easily accessible everywhere. Some of are ardent fans of Red Sauce Pasta and some swear by only White Sauce Pasta. Well, don't worry we've all been there, I guess it all depends on what our palette asks for at that time! 

In India, have embraced this beautiful Italian dish and made it ours by making Indian Pasta Recipes with our desi spices and condiments, making it palatable for the Indian crowd. 

In this article, we at Archana's Kitchen are presenting to you 8 fabulous Red Sauce Pasta Recipes that you can whip up for your Indian Dinner Parties or weeknight dinner or as  Healthy Pastas for your kids who love to have a wonderful surprise at the end of a day!