Kids Lunch Box Recipes: Maharashtrian Masale Baath, Methi Raita & Nuts

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Here's a simple and easy to make Lunch Box for your kids which you can also pack for your Lunch Box. This Lunch Box includes Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat and Methi Raita which is flavoured with Garlic. Along with these, we have packed some figs and walnuts, that your kids can munch on during their snacks break. It is a simple meal, which you can make in jiffy during your busy weekday mornings.

Maharashtrian Masale Baath, a simple Rice recipe which is filled with the goodness of vegetables. The Goda Masala used in this recipe brings out the flavour of the dish and makes it even more tastier and different from other Pulavs. You can use vegetable of your choice to make this Pulav. Along with this we have served a Methi Raita flavoured with Garlic, which gets its freshness and iron from methi and extra flavour from garlic. 

We have also packed some Walnuts and Figs along with this meal, which your kids can munch on whenever they are hungry. You can also pack nuts of your choice or even any fruit that your kids like to eat. This helps your kids to fulfill the daily intake of nutrition they require for the entire day.