Make Your New Year's Party Delicious With These Appetizers And Mocktails

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A new year should always start on a positive note and celebrations with our loved ones. While many of us go out to celebrate, most of us prefer house parties as we want to bid a goodbye to this year with our family and close friends. Interesting games, fun-filled company and mouth watering food, what else do we need for a perfect New Year celebration. While others things are important in a party, Food plays the most pivotal role. Celebrations means lip smacking food and if we are the host of the party we have to make sure that we make some delicious dishes which are liked by everyone.

In food also, the most important part is the tidbits and the drinks that we serve while playing games or dancing. We usually fill our stomach with the appetizers only, therefore we should ensure that they are delicious. There are many appetizers from different cuisines, but as a host you want to make something which is different and yet tasty. Also which goes well with your mocktails. There is always a huge dilemma about what to make from which cuisine. Therefore, we have come up with some appetizer and mocktail recipes which you can make for your upcoming party.

We have all types of friends and family members who have different preferences when it comes to food. While some of them are non vegetarian, there are some who prefers eating only veg. Here we have for you a collection of vegetarian appetizers and starters from Indian and Continental cuisines. Most of these can be made ahead and just heated to keep you free to enjoy your party with your friends and family.

Indian Vegetarian Appetizers

Continental Vegetarian Appetizers


Along with the appetizers, we need something to drink too which is full of flavour and is equally delicious. You can make fruit based mocktails and experiments with different combination of fruits. Something that refreshes you up and goes great with your yummy appetizers. You can always avoid putting alcohol in these drinks and make it according to your taste and preference.