Try This Delicious Thai Curry, Veg Tempura & Taiwanese Pineapple Cake For A Weekend Dinner

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A lip smacking meal that your family will definitely appreciate. This meal is different from the usual. A Thai meal with Thai Yellow Chicken Curry to go with some steamed rice, served along with crispy crunchy vegetable tempura and a sweet dish of the classic Taiwanese Pineapple Cake. 

A lovely yellow curry with key thai notes from the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves with the added goodness of chicken. this dish is completely healthy as its made with coconut milk. 

The tempura can be served as a side to this meal or can also be served as a snack, on a rainy evening, and yes do not miss making the taiwanese pineapple cake that you can make and keep before hand.  You're family will welcome this flavoursome meal, so wait no more and get started in your kitchen already.