4 - Course Traditional Gujarati Thali Menu For A Weekend Lunch (#SaturdayLunch)

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Cuisine from the state of Gujarat is popular all over the country today. From the amazing spread of snacks including DhoklaKhandviPapdi etc, to flavourful vegetables typically called Shaak and dals and curries, and of course the quintessential Kadhi, Gujarati food has become a phenomenon. Several specialty restaurants now dish out elaborate thali meals for lunch and dinner, to reflect the flavours of the state in a single meal and plate. But you shouldn’t always have to go out to eat food that is essentially home-made goodness. So this weekend we’ve selected the best Gujarati spread from Archana’s Kitchen, just for you. 

Sample our Gujarati Thali picks here, and you can set up a sumptuous thali meal - for you and your family. Complete with everything from savoury snacks to something sweet to end the meal with. Pick one or more dish that suits your fancy, from each segment of this meal selection and you will have a complete Gujarati meal to enjoy with your friends and family. Feel free to pick as many or as few of the following selection, to make a complete meal for yourself!


It would be impossible to have a Gujarati Thali without including a recipe for dhokla and khandvi. Try this healthy Ragi Rava Dhokla that uses finger millet (ragi) in addition to semolina, Khandvi of course, and Steamed Methi Muthias for a change!

Shaak & Dal (Vegetables & Lentils)

The main part of many Indian meals is vegetables and dal and Gujarati thalis are no different. This selection includes some traditional favourites to complete your meal, like - Cabbage & Carrot Sambharo (a lightly spiced stir-fry of cabbage and carrots), Ringna No Olo (char-grilled aubergines cooked in a traditional Kathiawade style), a typical Sev-Tamatar Ki SabjiKhatta Mag (a sour buttermilk curry with green moong, a traditional Undhiyu and of course GujaratiKadhi.

Rice & Roti/Thepla

Try this healthy Bajra Na Rotla for a change, or stick with the usual Phulkas or Steamed Rice that goes best with a traditional meal like this.

Accompaniments & Dessert

You'll need a zesty Green Chutney to accompany the savoury snacks in this meal, and something cooling like Masala Chaas to wash it all down. But no matter what you pick form this list, make sure not to leave outShrikhand - the epitome of Gujarati desserts!