Festival Recipes Contest

Contest Closed
Festival Recipes Contest
Contest Starts : 20 September 2017
Contest Ends : 17 October 2017

Indian festivals are most celebrated times of the calendar that we all wait for. The divine smell of dhoopam raising with every whiff of burning incense, the scuffling rustle of new clothes, jingle of bangles, laughter of happy kids are commonalities in festivals. Even the Sun rising in East like every day seem to look more brighter and appears as if our surroundings are drenched in fresh gold light. The mood of festivity is brought in my right food- the lifeline of festivals and get togethers.

We have come up with a brand new contest that needs all the amazing festival foods that you cook! Put on you apron and get ready for this contest. Just prepare the recipes that are mandate in your region, get in as niche as you can. You can as well rekindle your childhood festive memories and create your grandma's heirloom recipes that were prepared since generations during festival. Pick any Indian festival you would like as a recipe theme and submit amazing food to this contest. You are free to bring in your own delicious and healthy twist to recipes that are made during Dussehra, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi and a plethora of many festivals that you can remind of yourself!

Not all recipes submitted for the contest will be published. Unique recipes will be loved and be published, you must remember! Whether it is the most famous sweets and desserts, or the appetizers and main course specific for festivals, drive the recipes out of your memoirs and plate them deliciously and win great prizes!

So What Are We Looking For Exactly In The Contest?

  1. Share with us the best of the Festival recipes from your kitchen, which is loved by your family.
  2. Recipes can either be appetizers, desserts, main course or a side dishes, that are prepared in festivals. Whether it is a special kheer, region specific Snacks and festive meal accompaniments, Temple Prasadam recipes, side dishes, stews, dal, vegetable, or rice recipes.
  3. You are free to make any festival recipe you love and your family loves it too, and to bring in any healthy twist you want for your recipes.
  4. Participants with a variety of submissions spread across meal courses have all the while more chances to win.

To Enter our - "Festival Recipes Contest"

  1. Share most delicious recipes along with clear recipe instructions.
  2. Click an amazing picture of the food you cooked. We always look for a close shot of the food, so that our viewers can see the texture and colors of the food.
  3. Upload the recipe along with a good looking clear & high resolution picture of the plated recipe.
  4. Please do not use any food colors or artificial ingredients in the recipe, they will not be published or selected.
  5. Two most important things about the contest is the picture and a well written recipe. Your recipe will get selected if you ensure that the recipe has a good description, a good set of recipe instructions and a great looking photo of the food.
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Winners Will Get

What more! 5 amazing recipes will also get a chance to win kitchen appliances that are enlisted. So hurry up, send your recipes for the - "Festival Recipes Contest".

1st prize - Preethi Lavender Pro 600-Watt Mixer Grinder (White/Purple)

2nd prize - Preethi Primo RC 311 P18 Flora 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

3rd prize - Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-Litre 450-Watt Chopper (White)

4th prize - Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-Litre 450-Watt Chopper (White)

5th prize - Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-Litre 450-Watt Chopper (White)

Winners Are

1st prize - Drashti Dholakia for Chiroti Recipe (Crispy Layered Sweet Puri)

2nd prize - Alka Jena for Khira Gaintha Recipe - Rice Dumplings In Sweetened Milk

3rd prize - Priyanjali Joardar for Baked Vermicelli Malpua Recipe

4th prize - Pooja Pandit for Paatolyo Recipe (Goan Sweet Dish)

5th prize - Pavithra M Adiga for Aloo Ka Halwa (Grated Potato Sweet)

Recipes from Festival Recipes Contest