Recipe Contest: South Indian Cooking

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Recipe Contest: South Indian Cooking
Contest Starts : 07 August 2017
Contest Ends : 15 September 2017

South Indian cuisine is known for a plethora of tempting delicacies. South Indian recipes are a wide possibility that are spread right from well-known rice-sambar to the lesser known region specific breakfasts and snacks. For example, there is Telugu (Andhra & Telangana) cuisine’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian snack recipes that vary with geography vastly within the cuisine. The recipes varying with each hundred kilometers you travel South by adding a special local touch is the specialty of South Indian recipes.

Put on your apron, rekindle your memories and bring them all right in, to cover as many recipe courses that you can. Challenge yourself to push your memory further into traditional recipes and bring it on with your own delicious twist that you have found by trying them time and again. Unique recipes will be loved and be published, you must remember! Whether it is the recreation of the restaurant food from a famous South Indian restaurant, a local dhaba or a street food vendor, or diving right into the native, niche cuisines of Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, drive the recipes out of your memoirs and plate them deliciously and win great prizes!

So What Are We Looking For Exactly In The Contest?

  1. Share with us the best of the South Indian recipes from your kitchen, which is loved by your family.
  2. Recipes can either be appetizers, main course or a side dishes, or even be a local street food from South India. Whether it’s a special Dry thoran, region specific Snacks, Appam or pacchadi, side dishes or accompaniments, and stews or Street Foods that belong to South Indian Cuisine, be it Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, or Kerala recipes.
  3. You are free to make any veg or non-veg dish you love, and to bring in any healthy twist you want for your recipes.
  4. Participants with a variety of submissions spread across meal courses have all the while more chances to win.

To Enter our Contest - "Share The Best South Indian Recipes From Your Kitchen"

  1. Share most delicious recipes along with clear recipe instructions.
  2. Click an amazing picture of the food you cooked. We always look for a close shot of the food, so that our viewers can see the texture and colors of the food.
  3. Upload the recipe along with a good looking clear & high resolution picture of the plated recipe.
  4. Please do not use any food colors or artificial ingredients in the recipe, they will not be published or selected.
  5. Two most important things about the contest is the picture and a well written recipe. Your recipe will get selected if you ensure that the recipe has a good description, a good set of recipe instructions and a great looking photo of the food.
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Winners Will Get

What more! 3 amazing recipes will also get a chance to win kitchen appliances that are enlisted. So hurry up, send your recipes for the Contest - "Share The Best South Indian Recipes From Your Kitchen".

1st prize - Indian Art Villa Copper bucket Serveware/Tableware Set

2nd prize - Indian Art Villa Copper Multi Cuisine Thali Set

3rd prize - Indian Art Villa Copper Pitcher and Tumblers Set

Winners Are

1st prize - Pooja Pandit - Ambade Udid Methi Recipe (Karwar Style Hog Plum Curry)

2nd prize - Dhara Shah - Mouth Watering & Delicious South Indian Breakfast Thali

3rd prize - Alka Jena - Kori Gassi Recipe (Mangalorean Traditional Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk)

Recipes from Recipe Contest: South Indian Cooking