Simple Dinner For Bachelors To Cook (#SaturdayNightDinner)

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It’s not just the mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and women amongst us who come to Archana’s Kitchen looking for simple, healthy and easy-to-cook meal ideas. We have a whole section of recipes that caters to food that Bachelors can cook. This week’s SaturdayNightDinner is dedicated to all the men in the audience. This is a meal that you will be able to put together with little or almost no help at all. Simply pick form the selection below, follow the recipes step by step, and you will have a meal that balances taste and nutrition well. But most of all, these recipes have that element of ease – by way of quick procedures and simple progression. In some cases you can also refer to the videos too, to make your life even simpler. So, if you’re looking to wow the lady in your life with a home-cooked meal, or if you want to have your friends over to sample your culinary skills, or even if you simply want to see how easy it is to rustle up a delicious and healthy meal, this one is for you.

This week, our selection is divided into Appetizers (which includes snacks and a salad), The Meal (which is a selection of rice, dal, sabji and raita – essentially a meal by itself) and Desserts. Pick as many or few dishes as you want, ensuring that your main meal is complete with vegetables, dal and rice. Whether you embellish it with snacks, salads, sides, or dessert is up to you! We hope you enjoy giving cooking this meal a shot!

1 - Appetizers

You wont believe how easy it is to actually make something that sounds as delicious and fancy as Smoked Achari Paneer Tikka. Try the recipe video, to see for yourself. Balance it our with a healthy Carrot Beetroot and Amaranth Super Salad and a Sweet And Tangy Potato Chaat.

2 - Main Course

Your meal options are a balanced selection with a little bit of everything. Spicy Chana Masala to mop up with bread or even serve over Jeera Rice. A side of this super simple Aloo Tamatari, or Dal Palak to go with it. A staple in the form of Palak Paneer because who doesn't love it? And a Basic Raita to cool off with.

3 - Desserts

Desserts don't always have to be complex and nuanced. Some of the most satisfying sweet dishes are simple, homely, use everyday ingredients and produce wonderful results all the same. These options fall right into that category. Try a simple Rice Kheer that is such a crowd pleaser, or this Rava Kesari more commonly called Sheera for a simple, comforting homely favourite. And if you are indeed up for something slightly more layered but not at all complex, this Quick & Easy Fruit Trifle is just the thing for you.

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