Portion Control Meal Plate: Lobia Palak Curry, Carrot Cauliflower Sabzi, Beetroot Raita, and Jowar Roti

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Here is a flavorful yet super healthy portion control meal that consists of a Palak Lobia Curry, Gobi Gajar Matar Sabzi, served along with Jowar Roti and a refreshing Beetroot Raita and crunchy Pyaz Kachumber. The best part, the meal is perfect to be served to diabetics as it is high in fiber and rich in nutrients as a well. 

While the gobi gajar matar is a simple stir fry with whole spices, the palak lobia curry is a masaledar South Indian curry with a coconut base. The roti served with is made with a 50-50 combo of jowar flour and wheat flour. Jowar has a  rich quantity of potassium present in the flour helps to lowers the cholesterol and manages blood pressure level. Since it is a complex carbohydrate it releases sugar slowly and hence is diabetic friendly. 

The beetroot raita is the element of dairy in there to cover your calcium requirements. Eating from the right food groups, and covering the required nutrition that the body needs is something each of us should closely pay attention to. Above all eating the right quantities which essentially what portion control is, is of utmost importance. 

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