4 – Course No-Onion-No-Garlic Festive Meal (#SaturdayLunch)

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The most festive months of the year is upon us and preparations are probably in full swing in many homes. Many families observe the no-onion-no-garlic rule during the auspicious time of Navratri and it is often looked at as a time of restriction and not a time for variety in tasty meals. While you binge on sweets and ignore the savoury side of things, this weekend meal will prove that a no-onion-no-garlic meal doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. It may be simple, but it is perfectly possible to cook a delicious, flavourful and festive meal even without onions and garlic! See how. Choose one (or more) dish from each row (course) below to make a complete festive meal for you and your family to enjoy during Navratri.


Whet your appetite with these crunchy festive appetisers like Bhaji Vada, Palak Pakoda, and then something cool and soothing like Dahi Vada, made healthier without deep-fried vadas.  

Vegetables, Dal, Kadhi

With several parts of the country celebrating Navratri in their own unique way, this list has so much choice in terms of regional festive specialties. This unique Spiced Watermelon Curry, comforting Aloo Tamatari and Bharva Bhindi are sure to create a riot of flavours on your plate. Bengali speciality Lau Die Tetor Dal, Punjabi style Bhindi Kadhi and Gujarati Fajeto make for unique representation from the states that celebrate this festival with pomp.

Rice & Roti

To accompany those delicious curries you could try this indulgent Lachha Paratha, or simple Jeera Rice. And if you're feeling adventurous, this Methi-Matar Pulao pairs well with a festive thali meal.


No meal is festive enough unless there are some traditional homemade sweets to end the meal. Try this decadent twist on a popular favourite - Dark Chocolate Sandesh, or this creamy rose-tinged Gulab Phirni, or the ever-popular Kalakand to sweeten the deal.