The East Asian Recipe Contest With FreshMenu

Contest Closed
The East Asian Recipe Contest With FreshMenu
Contest Starts : 09 October 2016
Contest Ends : 15 November 2016

The East Asian Recipe Contest is a tribute to the palate and the senses. East Asia has a splendid set of cuisines that are packed with flavours, spice and taste, that makes us love them. In this recipe contest, put on your chef's hat and bring out the "Chef in You". You will be surprised what will happen when you win the contest. You are in for some real treat.

Important: Create a Twist Of Taste, that an Indian palate will love. This recipe contest is in association with FreshMenu

FreshMenu is an online food delivery portal, which inspires the new age Indian to confidently try a new cuisine. At FreshMenu, the menu changes daily, with dishes inspired from cuisines across the world. The dishes are prepared with top-notch ingredients at their own kitchens by experienced chefs. FreshMenu is currently operational in Bangalore, parts of Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon. In this contest, 7 winners, along with one of their recipes, will be featured as the "Chef Of The Day" on FreshMenu and the winning recipes can be ordered through their website and app.

Archana’s Kitchen invites home cooks and bloggers to enter their favourite ‘East Asian Recipes' to show their love towards it. Go tap your creativity, get into the traditional east asian recipes and share your favourites with us. 

To Enter Our ‘East Asian Recipe Contest’ Contest You Must

  1. Share your favourite East Asian Recipes (Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Japanese, Cambodia and any other remote parts you know of) 
  2. Get creative with your recipes. Submit as many recipes you can, the more the merrier and better chances of winning.
  3. Rules For Recipe submission 
    • A detailed description of the recipe (Introduction)
    • Mention which region of Asia the recipe belongs in the description
    • A complete list of ingredients used
    • A detailed well written method of cooking the recipe
    • Photograph of a well plated dish (bright showing the sharpness of the ingredients)
  4. Rules for Photo Of the Dish
    • Clear High resolution image, with a good closeup of the dish 
    • Keep it simple, crisp and clear; taken in good light (image should be bright and not dull)
    • No watermarks or text written on the image (your recipe will not be considered for the contest)
    • Please do not take photos off the internet, you will be eliminated from the contest.
  5. Contest Ends On: 15th November 2016

Winners Will Get

Not all recipes will be published on the website, but all recipes submitted will be entered into the contest. 

7 Winners Are

1st Nithya Anantham - Sambal Telor with Nasi Uduk Recipe

2nd Shaheen Ali - Japanese Chicken Udon Soup Recipe

3rd Madhuli Ajay - Toffee Banana Recipe

Winners in no particular order

Jyothi Rajesh - Cantonese Style Chicken Chowmein Recipe

Sindhu Bharadwaj - Sambal spiced veggie mee goreng

Sasmita Sahoo - Vegetarian Sago Dumpling Recipe

Alka Jena - Thai Pumpkin Soup With Red Curry Paste Recipe

Recipes Submitted For The Fresh Menu - Asian Recipe Contest 

Recipes from The East Asian Recipe Contest With FreshMenu