Recipe Contest: Lost Recipes From Ancestral Kitchens

Contest Closed
Recipe Contest: Lost Recipes From Ancestral Kitchens
Contest Starts : 03 January 2017
Contest Ends : 31 January 2017

We are back with a new contest to begin the year with love that will take us back to our grand mothers kitchens. As time goes by, the recipes get lost in words. Many of the recipes are usually transferred from one generation to another by word of mouth and are never written down. 

In this contest we will go back to the old and lost recipes from the ancestral/ grand mothers kitchens and bring them back to life and give them a place to stay forever. So it's time to wet your appetite and cook those recipes again for our new contest 'HEIRLOOM RECIPES'.

Archana’s Kitchen invites home cooks and bloggers to enter their favourite ‘Heirloom Recipes' to show their love towards it and also ensure that it stays for ever so generations to come can use it. Go tap your creativity, get into the traditional healthy recipes and share your favourites with us. 

To Enter Our ‘Heirloom Recipes’ Contest You Must

  1. Share your favourite lost recipe. It can be from any cuisine and any meal of the day. The recipes should be healthy, wholesome and nutritious.
  2. Get creative with your recipes. Submit as many recipes you can, the more the merrier and better chances of winning.
  3. More points will be given to recipes, which have been made healthy from the original one. Either by using a healthier cooking technique or by using alternative healthy ingredients.

Rules For Recipe submission 

  1. A detailed description of the recipe (Introduction)
  2. Mention which region or cuisine of India the recipe belongs in the description. 
  3. A complete list of ingredients used
  4. A detailed well written method of cooking the recipe
  5. Photograph of a well plated dish (bright showing the sharpness of the ingredients)
  6. Please do not copy paste recipes from the internet, your recipe will be eliminated from the contest.

Rules for Photo Of the Dish

  1. Clear High resolution image, with a good closeup of the dish 
  2. Keep it simple, crisp and clear; taken in good light (image should be bright and not dull)
  3. No watermarks or text written on the image (your recipe will not be considered for the contest)
  4. Please do not take photos off the internet, your recipe will be eliminated from the contest.

Winning Recipes Will Get

  • 1st Prize  - Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend Black
  • 2nd Prize - Crisol Cast Iron Pre-seasoned Non-stick Skillet 
  • 3rd Prize - Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

Note: Not all recipes will be published on the website, but all recipes submitted will be entered into the contest if the rules are followed

Winners Are

1st Jyothi Varne- Chap Badami 

2nd Swathi Nandini - Traditional Panakam

3rd Smitha Kalluraya - Sajjappa

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